Directory of Filipino Expats Launched

ILLUSTRADO - A comprehensive directory of Filipino professionals in the UAE was launched Thursday night, February 4, by four women with the backing of the Philippine Consul General, the heads of the Philippine Business Councils in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, prominent Filipino entrepreneurs, influential professionals and respected community leaders, as well as key media practitioners.

Called FEME Connect, the directory scheduled to be distributed in the second quarter this year, will comprise 30,000 names of verified and confirmed professionals and talents. It will be given free to 15,000 individuals and institutions as it will be funded through advertisements, advertorials, business reviews and discount coupons with a pass-on readership of 10 individuals per copy.

“We are looking at reaching 150,000 people or 25% of the registered Filipinos in the UAE which is about 600,000,” explained Leilanie Corpuz-Garcia, one of the managing partners and Finance director.

From left to right: Joanna Austria-Morales (Operations), Rachel Salinel-Los Banos (Promotions), Christine Garcia-Esguerra (Sales & Marketing), and Leilani Corpuz-Garcia (Finance)

From left to right: Joanna Austria-Morales (Operations), Rachel Salinel-Los Banos (Promotions), Christine Garcia-Esguerra (Sales & Marketing), and Leilani Corpuz-Garcia (Finance).

The FEME Connect is the business plan developed by Corpuz-Garcia, together with Christine Garcia-Esguerra, Joanna Austria-Morales and Rachel Salinel-Los Banos, as members of the 26th batch of the Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (LSE) program of the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) held in Dubai from March to August 2015.The four are all managing partners with individual responsibilities.

“The main objective of this project is to realize our aspirations to become entrepreneurs with a social cause. The directory would serve about 150,000 people who can confidently and quickly approach the right professional or talent for their own requirements or needs like a medical professional, an accountant or an electronics and communications engineer,” sales and marketing director Garcia-Esguerra explained.

Operations director Austria-Morales added: “The launching of FEME Connect is not purely for business purposes. The other half is to share something to society and to encourage Overseas Filipinos to become entrepreneurs.

She said that ten percent of the revenue will be donated by the group to the wards at the POLO-OWWA in Dubai by funding a vocational training session and to a community-based children’s education program in the Philippines called ANCOP or Answering the Cry of the Poor.

“We also believe that having a comprehensive directory of Filipino Expats in the UAE will provide them opportunities for professional growth, economic gains and most importantly it will validate them as excellent individuals in the Middle East,” Promotions director Salinel-Los Banos further explained.

She is advising those who would like to have their name and corresponding profession and contact number be listed for free should visit the website – – and Facebook Page: FEME Connect.